Remediation Proposal

For my remediation project, I chose to remediate a combination of my projects. I chose to turn portions of my audio-, image- and video-based projects into a more traditional, text-based piece of work. I chose to use a combination of my projects because each provided information that could be compiled into a well-rounded and well-researched long form story. Rhetorically, this text-base piece aims to present a reader with a greater understanding of McKeesport’s use of grant funding money and the challenges it faces in redevelopment. While some of the other pieces put forth an argument to persuade the reader or viewer, this piece works to outline some of the different facts and perspectives that surround McKeesport’s redevelopment efforts and allow the reader to draw his or her conclusions on the city’s potential for success or failure. The piece is, though, written within a particular frame, which is that the city government, its consulting firm and the RIDC are major players in the city’s redevelopment. Because of this, each plays a prominent role in the story.

Aesthetically, this piece aims to provide the reader with a more traditional story telling experience. While the other pieces seem a bit more interactive because the reader/viewer/listener engages with each through different sensory experiences, this piece provides the reader with a more structured experience that challenges her to take more of the engagement responsibility onto herself (as we have previously discussed the ways that standard text makes the reader do more “work”). But the aesthetics of this piece also allows for the reader to engage in or reject different opportunities. For example, the piece is linked with the audio and video pieces. If the viewer chooses, she has the opportunity to break away from the text and expand the text-base experience through the other media.

The resulting experience is dramatically different than the earlier projects that I have produced. Unlike the audio or visual projects, this piece relies heavily on written word. It challenged me to take the positive effects that the other media afforded me and attempt to produce a similar outcome through print. It utilizes the print medium to provide faces to McKeesport’s decline and redevelopment efforts through quotes and anecdotes from people like Michelle and John from the McKeesport Heritage Center and the folks at the City Hall. It narrows in on the sources’ quotes that do the most to capture a specific idea or sentiment. The quotes set particular ideas apart and stand out among the rest of the written narrative.

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