Visual Storyboard

First, it is important to note that my video project has changed in terms of content. While it will still be exploring McKeesport’s history, it will be exploring it from the point of view of the McKeesport Heritage and Historical Society. The video will include different clips from the society as well as from the city area. I am finishing collecting the footage for final editing as I have begun to collect the audio for my audio documentary and edit it. 

While I have quality sources for the video, the sources’ images are not as important to the story as their voices are with some of the concepts that they are discussing. Blending the two will help to create a visually compelling story that ties in footage as well as anecdotal reflection to personalize the piece.

I envision the piece moving as follows:

  • The piece will begin with an opening title screen with a title layered on top of a still image.
  • The title page will fade to an introduction which will have audio spoken by one of my sources about McKeesport today in comparison to what it used to be. The audio will be layered on top of footage of the city today.
  • The scene will cut to an image of the first source continuing to speak. This will also introduce her name and title.
  • The scene will then transition to images of the city in the past with music that was fitting of the time period.
  • The music will then give way to the second source’s voice and images that are fitting with what he is speaking about
  • The image and audio will cut to an image of the source still speaking and identify his name and title. Like the first source, the second source will be standing and walking, but you will only see his face.
  • The piece will then move to video of pages flipping in an old development plan from the sixties. The audio overlayed will relate to the development efforts of McKeesport today, and what the sources think that it should become.
  • The piece will close with audio layered over an image of the city fading out to a black screen and the production credits.

I believe that this type of format lends itself to telling the story in a compelling way that allows people to truly visualize the issue through the images provided. Because of this, I plan to use multiple images that can further what the sources speak about.

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