Audio Documentary Reflection

At this point, I am working to edit my video essay but have also began collecting audio for my audio documentary. While I have begun to collect audio, the project is still in planning. It has been interesting to consider how every decision to create the documentary has a rhetorical and aesthetic impact on the piece. I have chosen to use a combination of audio clips from the three members within the city because I believe that the titles behind the voices have enough credibility that images are not necessary to establish ethos.

Not blending the the audio with image also place more reliance on the words being said. Journalistically, I think that it is important that the words said by these sources are not altered and do not rely on images to carry them in any way. That is not to say, however, that the piece will not be edited in a way to convey meaning within the conversation. Injecting in my own voice will help to bring the audio threads together into a cohesive piece. Working to create cohesion will guide my transitions. The sequencing will also work to create cohesion, but will follow the typical news story principles with a lede, nutgraf, body, and kicker to create a narrative flow in audio form.

The audio documentary will share information about the city’s efforts for development in the area. I will have to consider how to tell a story without punctuation but with auditory signals and aesthetics. This, though, should not be too difficult as even written stories rely on quick, concise language and clearly articulated ideas. The piece will use the auditory medium to explore McKeesport’s The other works have not done this because they have explored the history of McKeesport. The audio documentary will explore some of the city’s history, but it will also look McKeesport’s development in the present and the relationship that members of the city have with development efforts. In this way, the audio documentary will expand the subject in a new way.

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