Pitch: Audio Documentary

For my audio documentary project I plan to present more points of view on McKeesport’s past, present, and future. I aim to work with each developed project to present new and compelling information on the city’s history and future through different media. In this case, I will choose audio clips from interviews with some of the city’s official governmental voices.

The documentary will raise questions related to the city’s development through a combination of interviews with members within McKeesport’s city hall. The audio compiled for this documentary will include interviews with Director of Development A.J. Tedesco, City Solicitor J. Jason Elash, and Contract Officer for the Community Development Office Johanna Bell.

These sources will be able to provide knowledgeable comments and responses to questions. While video would provide a face to the voices, the audio will provide a different reporting and learning experience. In this case, the sources do not necessarily need images to help establish their ethos. Instead, the sources’ titles establish them as reliable speakers on the topic. With their title-established ethos, the sources will speak to the city’s changes overtime, the difficulties and successes it has experienced, and its plans for development in terms of federal assistance and consultations.

I intend to let the sources respond to direct questions about their work, as well as speak freely about their experiences. Because of this, the audio produced will not be fully scripted. Instead, the documentary will be a combination of scripted questions posed to the sources and unscripted responses and anecdotes from the sources. Depending on the content produced from the interviews, I may also choose to include inserted voice segments that I would produce to include information that is not immediately provided by the sources. Inserting additional segments will help to create a stronger context by which to understand the other audio portions.

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